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Multi-Agency Water Rescue Training - Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal
Thu, Dec 17, 2009
Training was held at the Lewes Ferry Terminal to test inter-agency cooperation and show the capabilities of agencies working together in a water rescue situation. Agencies involved included DSP Aviation, DSP Dive Team, Sussex EOC, SCEMS, Stations 46,82,89,88, WPD, USCG, DNREC, and DRBA, as well as Sussex ARES, Delaware Launch, CG Aux, US Lifesaving and others. Two rescue swimmers were deployed from Trooper 5 to rescue simulated victims already in the water with another swimmer and safety swimmer. The vicitms were then lifted with the rescue basket and lowered near waiting boats. The air temperature was in the upper 30's without the wind chill of 15-20mph NW winds, and the water temp was around 40. The training was a success and was great practice for all the agencies involved. Thanks to all!

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